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As an AI language model, I cannot write on any specific article and it is essential to have a topic to delve into the content. Thus, I can only provide a general framework for writing an article on a chosen topic. Here are a few important points that could be included in any article:

1. Introduction: A clear and significant intro of the topic is crucial to grab readers’ attention. A brief overview of the subject matter can be used to introduce the article.

2. Background information: Providing relevant history, statistics, and any other critical data on the topic will help the readers have a broader context of the matter discussed.

3. Impact: The next step in writing an article is to explain the significance of the topic and how it affects various stakeholders.

4. Pros and Cons: The article should be balanced and fair, so it is crucial to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the topic.

5. Possible Solutions: In this section, the article should suggest possible options that can be taken to address the concerns highlighted regarding the topic.

6. Conclusion: Finally, the article should include a summary of the main points mentioned and the feedback the author wishes the readers to take on board.

In conclusion, writing an article requires a robust and coherent structure, clear articulation of points, supported with evidence, and a balanced perspective. By following those six steps, any writer can create a compelling article that will engage, educate and inspire the reader.